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Personalized Whole Size Newspaper

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  • Product Description

    Whole Size Newspaper Measure 23 X 27 inches

    Whole Size is a regular newspaper, like you would buy at the store. 

    Quantity 1 comes with 2 copies. Quantity 2 comes with 4 copies.



    How do I order?


    1: Look through the sample photos and choose a template. (please note the names of the templates do not print on your newspaper, they are there for reference only) 


    2: Fill in the forms with your information.


    3: Click Add to Cart.





    You know how hard it is to find a TRULY unique gift. Well, now you've found one. Representing some of the finest, most outrageous entertainment you'll ever find for pocket change. You do NOT have to supply your photo, but it's better if you can (same price either way). The backs of each article are covered in generic, unrelated story text to complete the look and feel of perfect authenticity. Keep these for years in scrapbooks and picture albums. Send them to relatives, friends, co-workers, soon-to-be ex-friends and various and assorted victims!

    A Common Question:

    Will you edit or fix my mistakes?

    No. We don't anymore. In most cases, when we corrected someone's spelling, punctuation or grammar while setting up the template to print, we received a nasty email back from the customer a week later, explaining that "Grammmy" really was spelled with three M's in THEIR part of the country, or that they left that comma out on purpose, or that Billy Ray was one word, not two, or that "nuclear" was actually spelled nucluler" in eastern Florida, etc. You simply MUST proof-read your story before submitting it, and have a friend or relative proof-read it as well. Twice. Or more. 

    But what if something you send us doesn't make sense? Won't we certainly correct it THEN? About a third of the stories that are sent to us, make no sense to us! They make perfect sense to the customer---but not to us. Usually it's some "inside joke", the meaning of which we're not privy to and will never know.

    We print what you submit. Exactly. Period.

    Please note:

    This product page is written for those who wish to write their own newspaper story or article from scratch. If you submit your story from this page, your story will not automatically feature ANY image or picture, unless you supply them. You must supply your own image or picture from this page. If, on the other hand, you want to use the image that is featured with one of our pre-written stories, you must submit your article from that product page.

    To browse our pre-written stories, which come with their own images or pictures, please start from our home page and choose the category of story you're looking for.

    Thank you...

    If you want to write your story from scratch

    Depending on which size you choose, you may also fill in such things as the newspaper name, the newspaper headline, the article title, the article date, and a bunch of other stuff. Most customers send a photo of the event they're describing, and also a photo of the individual (victim) they are writing about. This would be inset onto the main photo (we do that for you). Many folks choose not to use any photo at all. It's entirely up to you.

    If you decide to use one of our pre-written stories: 

    You need to figure out which one you're going to use. You should start at our home page (here) and begin browsing through the categories. When you've found the story you want to use, simply fill in the form, click the SUBMIT button and follow the prompts. You may use the complete text of the article you've ordered, or you may use bits and pieces of several of our pre-written stories (mix and match as you wish) to make one story. You may change our pre-written story in any way you desire. It's entirely up to you. We don't care what you write, or how you write it. We do not read your material in any case. You may send us a picture of your victim to be used as an inset on the main image, or you may elect not to send us any pictures. By default we use the same image that appears in the sample; you may add an inset of your victim or not. You should fill in any of the spaces you want us to use with the text of your choosing. If you don't want certain things to be used (like the date, or the location, etc.), type NONE in the box. That's all there is to it. 

    You do not "have" to use a story at all. Some people only want a headline (usually movie productions and playwrights). Some people only want a picture with no story, not even a headline. It's entirely up to you. 

    Whatever you provide, we'll print. 

    Whatever you don't provide, obviously won't be printed. 

    When we receive your order, we'll arrange everything onto one of our templates. Once it's all arranged, we print, and then notify you when it's been shipped.

    You may specify and pay for rush delivery.


  • Product Reviews


    Write A Review

    1. Looks, even better - FEELS like the real thing

      Not only did I get this in extremely quick time, it came in a bag protected from the elements and I astonished my Director. It looked like the real thing, and to have some of our story in print form, just as intended, made our moments even more real. Thank you! on 2nd Feb 2021

    2. Amazing product, amazing price

      I was a prop master for a low budget short film. My entire props budget was $100 and the newspaper was the most important prop. Everywhere else wanted to charge me $100 or more, while FakeNewspapers only charged us $37. This company was a life saver and the director loved how the newspaper turned out! on 7th Sep 2020

    3. Puuuurfect!ey

      A great thing you imagined! And now its in my hands! Thank you! on 26th Jun 2019

    4. SO GREAT! Such a success!

      I had a last-minute order for a gift for my husband, and wasn't sure there was time to make it happen, but these guys delivered brilliantly! On time, a great product, he absolutely loved it. THANK YOU! on 7th Jun 2019


      Ordered this for my Grandsons graduation from college..had never done this before so I wasn't too sure what to expect. So excited to see the end result when it was just what I wanted. It will be a great surprise at the dinner. on 25th Apr 2019

    6. Great for my “Newsies” promposal

      I ordered a custom newspaper in order to prompose to a boy that I had previously worked on the show “Newsies” with. The newspaper arrived just as I envisioned it and the creators even put prom related articles and headlines on it to fill the space that I did not use. It came fairly quickly (it took a little over a week to create and then 3 days to ship) and arrived in good condition in a water proof bag. on 23rd Apr 2019

    7. Spot On!

      Easy to use website and the product was exactly as I requested, all delivered in a timely way. on 11th Mar 2019

    8. Better than expected for newspaper after proposal!

      I ordered a newspaper to have for after I propose to my girlfriend and it came out perfect! Ordering a whole newspaper really only gives you like six pages, but it will do just fine. They also give a duplicate copy so I’m excited to frame one after she says Yes. Fingers crossed. I gave some background on her being an English teacher and me proposing in Ireland, and they included Irish poetry, an excerpt from Homer’s The Odyssey and other Irish things. My only complaints would be these:
      It took longer to ship than it said it would, so I’m glad I did it in advance
      I ordered a 1900s paper and they put adds in there for cell phones. That was super disappointing. I have them a lot of stuff to work with, so I feel like they could have used other things to be more creative.
      on 10th Apr 2018

    9. Great Prop for a Children's Show!

      This was a great prop for a children's show that I was designing. Since it was for The True Story of the Three Little pigs, I requested that they not put in any pictures of people. In addition to following my instructions, they included added headlines about pigs, which was perfect! Loved it. on 30th Nov 2017

    10. Fast service, easy to configure, very reasnobale price

      Customized a period newspaper with headline, article and pictures. Turned out very nicely. Just wish that the balance of the paper could be selected from stock articles. The paper was U.K, but many of the stock filler articles were obvious as U.S. on 10th Nov 2017

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