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Fall in Love With Our Themed Custom Gift Wraps


Heighten the fun atmosphere this holiday season with the wonderful items and aesthetically-pleasing gifts wrapped with a colourful, inspiring custom Gift Wrap from!

Let your loved ones anticipate the awesome experience that awaits them as you hand them your gifts that are thoughtfully-crafted and heartwarmingly wrapped using our Custom Gift Wraps. Because we know that everyone needs the perfect gift wrap, we made it possible to have it customized and offer you a design that you really, really want, 100%!

If your mom is a certified kitty-lover, then go ahead and order a custom cat-themed Christmas gift wrap coupled with your heartwarming message and we will deliver! Is your dad a car enthusiast? Provide a photo of his favorite cars and add a touching message, then see how he smiles as he receives your fantastic gift clothed in a fascinating gift wrap. Are you busy looking for a gift wrap that has your little brother's favorite character on it? Don't fret! Just send an image of his favorite superhero or cartoon character, add a cute phrase and witness how your little brother gets astounded by the marvelous gift that he will receive from you!

For those looking for a custom gift wrap for the office, business, or organization, the Custom Gift Wraps from FakeNewspapers.Com is the answer! Include your company or association's logo, then have the vision, mission, or a personal message as the gift wrap phrase and you will be surprised by the tasteful uniformity of the gifts and giveaways for the employees and members!

Whatever the photo, drawing, sketch, color, or wording that you need, you will be impressed that they will be addressed! Just provide the Custom Gift Wrap Image and the Custom Gift Wrap Phrase that you wanted to be printed on the gift wrap and it will surely be met! 

The tastes and preferences of our loved ones and friends do differ. Make your present stand out while showing your thoughtfulness and creativity by wrapping your wonderful gifts with a beautiful custom gift wrap from FakeNewspapers.Com!

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