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Kitchen Pranks Just for You


Does your mom love to cook? Is your sissy taking up some culinary course? Then the Fake Cans and Fake Ingredients from FakeNewspapers.Com are here to make you fulfill the craziest and the funniest kitchen prank ever! 

Weird is fun and so it's highly recommended to try something odd and fresh for your next prank so you can be guaranteed that your friends and prank victims will never discover the mischievous plan that you have prepared for them! It's a shame if that happens knowing that you've put all your time and effort. It's more painful too if you have spent a lot of money for a major prank. That will take off all the fun and excitement from the prank itself!

When planning for a prank, make sure that it is stress-free and has a high success rate. Our time and energy are precious and we don't want an ineffective prank at all! Because of this, FakeNewspapers.Com created plenty of personalized novelty items that can help you bring the prank that you've been dreaming off into reality!

For the best kitchen prank, the Fake Cans will make it a massive one! Imagine having fake cans that have ingredients such as kitten ovaries, camel toe soup, dehydrated mice, ferret's feet, poodle ribs, and pig eyes, and more! You can fool your friends into thinking that you have used these fake ingredients on the delicious foods you've served!

Invite your friends over and make sure to prepare a truly sumptuous meal. Then unknowingly place the Fake Cans on an area that will be easy for them to see. Witness their reactions and chuckle as they struggle on what to react: will they throw up or will they ask you right there and then?

Or, while in the middle of the feast, show them a fake ingredient from the FakeNewspapers.Com's Fake Cans and tell them that you've just purchased a tantalizingly good exotic ingredient and that they were very lucky to be the first ones to taste your tasty creation!

Take advantage of having a top kitchen prank right at your fingertips! Try our fake cans for the most exceptional food pranks, recipe pranks, and kitchen pranks! 

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