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Latest Trends in Fake Newspaper Pranks


Make an impact on your birthday party or at the next get-together or event that you will be attending!

Pranks can spice up any occasion, that's for sure. Pull off an astounding and memorable gag with the Pre-Written Funny Newspapers from FakeNewspapers.Com!

When it comes to realistic fake newspapers, we are the best! And when it comes to legitimate-looking and sounding newspaper articles, we are also the best!

Thousands of our valued customers were impressed by our exceptionally-made personalized newspapers. They look and feel legit and they have become a part of countless occasions that brought an breathtaking experience to everyone involved. A fake newspaper prank done as a tasteful surprise is a perfect choice if you love pulling off pranks in the most convincing way without spending lots of cash, effort, and time, and without having a failed prank. Having a fake newspaper prank is great because with the digital age that we are in these days, information and content that are printed on newsprint is always 'seemingly' factual!

Need a personalized pre-written news article too? We can also provide you with that in the most seamless way! Choose from our compilation of the Pre-Written Funny Fake Newspaper Articles that are highly customizable, so we can provide you with the perfect personalized wording for your fake newspapers that's guaranteed to meet your needs.

One of our exciting Pre-Written News Articles is the "Bear Finds Way to Downtown Seattle" Let your guests or your prank victims dive into a pool of adorable-ness mixed with shock and laughter as they experience a fake newspaper prank like no other. On your birthday, pass copies of this article to your guests as a warning. Then after a few moments, choose the perfect timing to let your accomplice enter your venue—wearing a bear costume! Your event will be the most fun and the most memorable one, you’ll love it!

If you know someone who's a worrier, this article is a perfect item for your newspaper prank. Cure their being a fuss-budget and let them loosen up with all the giggles as they laugh out loud after you announce that everything was just a joke!

Is your friend a bear-lover? Well, this article is perfect! Customize the news wording by providing details about your friend and she will surely love the custom newspaper, just for her!

Entrust your realistic fake newspapers that are customized and your personalized news article needs to us. It is our passion to provide wonderful, engaging, and totally seemingly authentic fake newspapers. Allow us to help you fulfill just that! 

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