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Embarrassing Fake Newspaper Article Pranks to Embarrass Them


Embrace your unique sense of humor and joyful nature with the fascinating items brought to you by FakeNewspapers.Com!

Be happy and spread happiness with the Pre-Written Fake Newspapers. If you are looking for the best fake newspapers that look 100% real but got no time to compose a funny write-up, well, leave this task to the experts! Be guaranteed of an interesting, hilarious and professionally-written news article that you will surely find impressive and also something that will flabbergast your family and friends!

Capture your friends' shrieks and giggles as they read a funny newspaper article that is so realistic, shocking, they may find the unbelievably wicked news believable! Those complicated and intricate ways to bring shock and fright to your friends are not necessary. All you need is a terrifying and outrageous write-up that will make their jaws drop and heads spin, allowing the whole scenario to be too difficult to digest.

Make them feel important! Don't just surprise the birthday celebrant with a gift that you've just quickly grabbed from a nearby shopping mall! Don't give a present that'll be kept in the attic afterwards or a gift that they'll re-gift or worse, throw away. Keep in mind to give a present that is priceless and unforgettable. Give them the gift of a wonderful experience from a fake newspaper prank!

Capture your prank victim's reaction on video so you all could watch it over and over again, and feel the intensity of the laughter and fun at the time. If you want an everlasting gift, give a gift of a fun memory—treat them into a crazy fake newspaper prank!

FakeNewspapers.Com offers plenty of Pre-Written Fake Newspapers Articles that can easily be customized. You can have a personalized fake newspaper write-up in as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Check out this Pre-Written Fake Newspaper Article "LOCAL MAN FOUND SHACKLED TO TREE - 911 RESPONSE" Edit it, provide a photo, and add all the details that you want to appear on this fake newspaper…and shock your friends! 

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Naughty Prank for Your Buddy

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Starting It Off With a Bang

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