Not Your Average Fake Newspapers


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A picture is worth a thousand words; so, might as well give a gift that evokes a thousand emotions! For a loved one who will be celebrating his birthday soon, why not prepare a personalized newspaper that contains your family's heartwarming messages and also includes lots of beautiful photos set to provide lovely memories? You can certainly have all these features and more on a personalized fake newspaper from FakeNewspapers.Com.

If you want to add some giggles and shrieks to your birthday surprise, a naughty fake newspaper article is your best choice! Choose from our collection of Pre-Written Funny Fake Newspaper Articles, customize it according to the celebrant's details, add some more exciting tidbits, and prank the celebrant that they are on the local newsprint!

With the multitude of trendy prank ideas and complicated gags to pull off, a ageless newspaper prank in the form of the personalized newspapers from FakeNewspapers.Com is a breath of fresh air! Go ahead and have a sparkling day!

Image: geralt / 18000 images Pixabay Creative Commons CC0