Food Prank is Life!


Food is life, so they say... if that's the case, then better to capitalize on the vulnerability of people when it comes to food and dining matters!

You may notice that your friends (and even yourself!) love to share your great gastronomic experiences. This shows how we all love food! That's why a Food Prank is certainly an exceptional prank to do these days because the chances of having a successful prank will be incredibly great!

Bring your food prank idea into reality by including our Fake Cans of disgusting, shocking and totally gross fake ingredients offered by the leading provider of fake newspapers and awesome custom products — FakeNewspapers.Com!

An upcoming celebration at home will give you the perfect opportunity to carry out this prank! Serve a mouthwatering meal such as steak, salad or pasta and surprise them that you have added an ingredient that's rich in Vitamin C — a dehydrated mice or pig's eyes!

Include a 'sumptuous' meal in your next get-together where you've used an exotic ingredient… the cameltoe soup!

Wow your guests with a truly tempting dessert: a cake or pastry where you have added some Testicles de France extracts. Marvelous!

Shower lots of fun and plenty of giggles and amusement on your fake food prank. It's gonna be so exciting, we assure you!