Easy Pranks and Fake Posters


Easy pranks are nice; but not each and every easy prank can turn out to be funny and successful!

Ensure the success of your next prank and even your next event, get-together or activity by including one of the phenomenally classic items from FakeNewspapers.Com!

The Personalized Posters by FakeNewspapers.Com are absolutely impressive, not only because of their high quality and exceptional look, but because they look so realistic, they are perfect for pranks and party items alike!

Need a gift for a family member that's crazy, funny and heartwarming all at the same time? The Personalized Posters from FakeNewspapers.Com will do!

Shock the celebrant with an arrest in the form of the Fake "Wanted" Poster, Old West Style with his photo and funny details. It's gonna be wacky, shocking and also touching! It's definitely something worthy of keeping, making you the best and most sought-after gift-giver! It perfectly complements any old west and cowboy-themed parties and events. It's a guarantee that by giving an extraordinary gift like a personalized poster such as the Fake "Wanted" Poster, you will always be remembered and will always be invited!

Do you want your gift or prank to be extra shocking, intimidating and more realistic? The Fake "Wanted" Poster, FBI Style custom poster will really make your prank victim nervous, taking the excitement and shocking factor a notch higher! Post it somewhere near your victim's house, hide in the bushes and witness his terror. Just make sure that you'd immediately surprise him that it was all a joke, and that you have actually prepared something grand for him or her! This is great for birthday surprises! If a family member or a friend is pursuing a career in FBI or law enforcement, the Fake "Wanted" Poster, FBI Style that is beautifully customized with all of the celebrant's details is excellent!

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