Huge Gigantic Custom Banners

Huge Gigantic Custom Banners

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    When you wanna get attention....

    Giant Banners

    For More Than Just Birthdays:

    Big Banners, Huge Banners, Gargantuan Banners, Humungous
    Banners, Large Banners, Oversize Banners, Industrial Size Banners
    This banner isn't fancy--it's just HUGE
    "Fancy" (and huge) banners by special order



    Personalized, Custom/Customized for:
    Baby Announcements
    Welcome Home


    Other ideas:
    Get Well Soon
    Keep Out!
    This Way to John's House
    Help Wanted
    Wife Wanted
    John You Suck
    Work Wanted
    Lost Dog
    Spare Change?
    Slow The %$#@ Down!
    Open House
    Jenny Bartholomew is a Slut
    Garage Sale Here
    50th Anniversary
    It's a Boy
    It's a Girl
    It's the Child of Satan
    Happy Retirement
    We'll Miss You
    Happy Graduation
    Haunted House
    Don't Drink and Drive
    No Trespassing!
    Is This Big Enough?
    Christmas Sale!
    Grand Opening
    Under New Management
    Closed for Repairs
    Speed Trap Ahead
    Future Homicide Scene
    Joe Schmoe is a Putz
    Tom Arnold Can't Bowl
    Saddam Hussein is a Faggot 
    Eileen Turner Has the Crabs...


    Well, this list is deteriorating, but you get the idea...



    36 inches tall by as long as it takes (up to about 150 feet).


    Personalize This Banner --- FC-33







    Custom Banners Available on Request


    We got tired of expensive, wimpy little banners, so we put one on steroids.

    Printed on plain white bond, about the weight of light poster stock, intended for indoors but will survive outdoors in no-wind, no-rain conditions.

    These are huge banners, designed to GET NOTICED.

    Supply any message at all  (we're impossible to offend).

    Prints in a medium-dark gray Arial font. First 15 characters (include spaces in count) are $40 minimum, then $2 per character regardless of length. The banner shown above measures 36 inches high by 15 feet long and cost only $55 plus shipping.

    Have fun.



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      I just proposed to my girlfriend of 5 years the other day and had this huge banner ordered out with "WILL YOU MARRY ME" written on it. She was quite embarrassed cause I did it outside her apartment but she said YES eventually, so who's the real winner now? on 21st Jan 2016

    2. Best for banner parties!!!!

      My mom just celebrated her 50th birthday the other day, and thought of this as one of the parties' decoration. She was really happy and delighted about it, even if I didn't expect her to be (I mean my mom isn't someone you can easily please) The 36x15 banner was worth the money, thanks :) on 21st Jan 2016


      Just spent 15 days in the hospital then when I finally got home, saw this on my apartment with my friends waiting for me, really made me happy despite being immobile for a while. Hope they give me a huge banner again the next time I spend my time in the hospital :))) just kidding on 21st Jan 2016

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    • regis bolton
      Regis getting PRANKED by Michael Bolton using a Fake Newspaper...

    regis bolton

    Regis getting PRANKED by Michael Bolton using a Fake Newspaper from !!!!
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