Custom Gift Wrap Personalized

Custom Gift Wrap Personalized

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    Custom GifWrap


    You can never find exactly the right wrapping paper.
    So make your own!

    Personalized Gift Wrapping Papers -- Custom Printed by the Roll

    You know those little gift tags you have to stick on every package?

    Throw 'em in the trash!

    Create a wrapping paper using a patterned picture of the recipient.
    They'll know who it's for---and who it's from!

    (use your own image)

    Custom Gift Wrapping Papers    

    Are we serious?

    What's more, you'll receive enough paper to actually use
    Send us any picture you like, and we'll turn it into your own custom wrapping paper. You've searched the stores for years trying to find a wrapping paper that's truly unique, that has class, that sets your gift apart from all others. You've tried foils, designs, textured papers, solids, tissues---

    But it's the same old stuff everyone else is using.
    So be different. Give your gift the distinction it deserves!
    You'll be the talk of the party.

    Custom Gift Wrapping Papers

    Immortalize a handsome (?) pet.

    Illustrate the recipient's career.

    Custom Gift Wrapping Papers

    Perfect for corporate gift wrapping with your logo.


    How does this work, anyhow?

    It's simple:

    All papers are 36" wide. We use only a white paper. The ghosted background shown in the examples is no longer available. Type in a phrase (if you wish), and upload an image for us to use as a pattern. That's it! Printed in 15 foot lengths (you'll usually recieve a few extra feet because we're nice), 36 inches wide, order as many lengths as you wish.

    We do not offer any images. You must supply your own image.

    What kind of image should you supply?

    We can use just about any good quality image, but here are some guidelines for best results; remember that we reserve the right to reject a poor-quality image and cancel the order if we feel too much quality and detail will be lost when printing on this disposable paper.

    We'd prefer to receive a "transparent .gif" image. That's the easiest for us to work with. If you know what a transparent .gif is, and are comfortable creating one, that's the best way to assure that you get exactly what you want. Please set the color range at 256. Images that come to us as a transparent .gif are printed exactly as received, with no cropping or alteration.

    If making a transparent .gif isn't for you, just send us any old picture. We prefer it to be in .jpg format, but that isn't even all that important. Any bitmap (bmp, tiff, whatever) will do. You may submit a vector image if you like, but it will be converted to a bitmap for this particular product. Your image must be of good quality. Gift wrap media isn't kind to images, especially photographic type images. Spot color logos print much better on this paper.

    What about resolution and size?

    Ideally, your image will be 150 dpi at a size of 3 inches by 3 inches. That's roughly the size of each image in the pattern that gets printed onto your paper. Please do not send huge images, such as 30 by 30, because reducing them down to a 3 inch snapshot will destroy much detail. If you have no clue what we're talking about, don't sweat it---just send the best picture you've got, but understand that if you supply a poor quality image, that's what will print --a poor quality image!.

    What will we do to your image?

    We may adjust contrast, and do a bit of minor color correction. Even so, the colors in your image may get "tweaked". This is mostly due to differences in decorative paper from roll to roll, and the fact that gift-wrap media was never designed to reproduce "quality". We're not creating a work of art, after all.

    We'll also crop your image if you didn't supply it as a transparent .gif. We may mask out the image and use it as a transparent .gif, as depicted in this image of the baby's face:

    Custom Gift Wrapping Papers

    Or....we may elect to "trim" the image, something like this:

    Custom Gift Wrapping Papers

    What method we decide to use depends on several factors, mostly relating to the composition of the image you supply. If you're fussy about your image, you can assure that we print it exactly as you desire by supplying it as a transparent .gif. If you supply it in any other format, we'll mask or crop it as we see fit.

    What about the text phrase?

    Say anything you like! Or not! A text phrase is optional.

    The phrase shown in the above examples says, "Happy Whatever from TrixiePixGraphics".

    Frankly, we no longer like the font we used for the samples; so the font is subject to change, and will be of a style that's more readable than that shown above. We try to match the font to the occasion where possible.

    Do we have any "taboo's" regarding what kind of image or phrase we'll print?

    No.Your phrase can be nasty or nice, positive or negative. We're not your judge.

    Send us a picture of your butt, your dog's butt, your wife's cranky-face, a huge eyeball, a picture of a slug, some seagull droppings, your topless girlfriend, a rose, the jail cell you were in when you got drunk in Mexico, send us a pic of your vomit the morning after, or your mother-in-law's hairy shins; we simply don't care. Trust us when we say we're weirder than you.

    Standard order is for 15 feet (36" wide).

    This is one of our favorite products, and we hope you enjoy it half as much as we do.
    Note: You may notice slight color shifts in logos and graphics and some "dulling" of very bright and/or heavy colors using this media. We will not undertake any formal color correction on this product. This item is designed to be scotch-taped to a gift, to elicit a laugh or a smile, and then to be bodily ripped from the package by grubby, eager little hands. Gift-wrap is not an art statement, it is not an art product, nor could it ever be considered as such at this price, using this media.

    Custom Gift Wrapping Papers

    I am delighted to learn that the "Megan Madole & Associates" paper turned out so well that you want to use it as a sample on your Web site! You have my permission and I will look forward to seeing it on your site in the future.

    No sooner had I e-mailed you my permission to use the "Megan Madole & Associates" paper on your Web page, the order arrived at my office! I am equally delighted with the way both rolls of paper turned out and am especially impressed with how fast the project was completed and delivered. This is a grand total of four days from placing the order to being printed, shipped, and placed my hands in NYC! I will not hesitate to recommend Trixiepix Graphics to others. Thanks again. 
    Sincerely, Michael Madole

     36" by 15 foot roll


    One of the most bizarre questions we've ever been asked:

    Q. "Will this ink 'run' underwater?"
    A. YES! We do not make giftwrap for underwater use. Go figure.



    Do not eat.
    Do not insert into any body orifice.
    Do not place in gas tank.
    Do not use underwater.
    Do not use in the shower.
    Do not use in the rain.
    Do not use near fire.
    Do not soak with gasoline and ignite.
    Do not expose to paint thinner, solvents,
    hydrochloric acid, the Andromeda Strain or Anthrax.
    Not for cooking.
    Do not inhale.

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    1. Liked it!

      Didn't know these exists, but so grateful I found it. I was looking for companies who prints personalized gift wrappers and I found them! I need the wrappers for our company's annual gift giving and they wanted something "personalized" welp. Here it is. I don't know what could be more personalized than this. Haha on 21st Jan 2016

    2. Great for gifts!

      Used this in Christmas' 2015 as a wrapper to give my gifts a personalized "touch", the wrapper looked great, I mean not bad for less than $30, would use it again. I ordered on 21 and they shipped on the 23rd. Wish others would deliver that fast too.. on 21st Jan 2016

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