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Write, create and arrange a Fake News in the funniest and most entertaining way!

Fake news is controversial. But, if you want to include a fake news activity — be it a fake news prank, fake news surprise or a fake newspaper as a gift, then do it in a tasteful, amusing and efficient manner with the help of the fantastic personalized fake newspapers from!

Need a personalized fake newspaper for that much-awaited prank on April Fools, Halloween or on your family's next get together? Don't worry, got you covered! There are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from, and the best part of it is that you are guaranteed of legitimate-looking fake newspapers that will trick even your journalist friends or your dad who reads the newspaper every morning!

Customize a newspaper article into a plot or news in your mind and prank your family and friends with a hilarious fake newspaper prank. Shock them real good!

Planning to give a cherish-worthy gift that the celebrant will find very amusing and fun? A personalized fake newspaper is perfect! Your gift recipient will love the concept of it 'coz it's something fresh, unique and totally personalized. It's a stunning gift that they won't only put on display; it's a special item that they can browse, revisit, and will allow them to relive a heartfelt moment!

The Personalized Fake Newspapers from are printed with real ink and on real newsprint paper. So, you are promised of an authentic-looking newspaper that is suitable for any fake newspaper prank and could also be perfect as a wedding newspaper or birthday gift!

Discover plenty of templates for your superb Personalized Fake Newspaper HERE.

Go Only for the Best Fake Personalized Newspapers!

Scare your friend and take him into a new definition of panic, disbelief and terror with the shocking fake newspapers and Pre-Written New Articles from FakeNewspapers.Com!Relax and go crazy even just for a day! Go out of your comfort zone and break your routine by doing something funny and refreshing. Pull off a fake newspaper prank and you'll soon realize that [...]

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The Craziest Fake News Prank is Here! is known to produce high-quality newspapers with a content and writing quality that is superb, it is close to perfection for its professional look and feel. Aside from the personalized newspapers and personalized posters and certificates, you are also sure to enjoy the funny, fascinating and absorbing newspaper articles that you can easily customize to suit the fake news or [...]

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Fake Newspaper Pranks and Valentine’s Day Jokes

Thinking of ways on how to pull off a prank that is Valentine's Day inspired? How about using a fake marriage certificate to bring your funny Valentine's Day prank ideas into fruition?A Fake Newspaper Prank on Valentine's Day is an excellent way to boost hilarity and fun on this tender occasion! We all know that many people are so drawn [...]

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Fake Newspaper Prank for the New Year

Be happy this coming New Year and stay happy throughout the year 2018 by starting it right. How? By making sure that you feel utmost delight when the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve and by preparing thoughtful surprises for the people close to your heart!We all know that there is joy in receiving presents. But the [...]

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Happy Prank with a Fake Newspaper Prank

Choose to be happy... so better choose a happy prank, like a Fake Newspaper Prank!That's right! You can make a statement by carrying out a prank that's genius, hilarious and totally effective. And you can make this possible by using a splendid prank item, like a fake newspaper for your astounding Fake Newspaper Prank. Your accomplices and even your [...]

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Fun Thanksgiving Day Activities

Thinking of ways on how to spice up your upcoming Thanksgiving Day celebration? Wanna level up and make the occasion a little edgier, funnier and more unforgettable? Well, FakeNewspapers.Com can certainly help you attain a superior and definitely more tremendous Thanksgiving Day experience with our vast array of funny novelty items and gag toys, meant to strengthen and inspire your [...]

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The Best Personalized Full Size Newspaper!

You may have thought that personalizing an item is easy. Lots of stuff and crafts can be easily DIY'd these days, right? But admit it or not, either we do not have the artistic flair to be able to accomplish a realistic or nearly perfect outcome, or we just do not have the luxury of time to do it. [...]

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Newspaper Pranks for All

Imagine your friends' horror and shock if they've read a horrific or scandalous news published on a newspaper, about a friend as the victim, suspect or the subject on a shocking news that's meant to be spread locally and may even be showcased around the world!Personalizing a news and customizing a newspaper is easy. Thanks to FakeNewspapers.Com, we can now [...]

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Pre-Written Fake Newspapers

Uproariously Funny Pre-Written Fake NewspapersAre you getting effing tired of receiving the same old, same old birthday presents? If you are then you are lucky to know the feeling of receiving a gift that's dreary and boring. Of course, you don't have any other choice but to say "Thank you!" and pretend that you really fell in love with it, [...]

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