Fake Newspaper Prank for the New Year


Be happy this coming New Year and stay happy throughout the year 2018 by starting it right. How? By making sure that you feel utmost delight when the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve and by preparing thoughtful surprises for the people close to your heart!

We all know that there is joy in receiving presents. But the happiness and satisfaction are actually doubled when we ‘give’. To begin your year 2018 towards a year full of blessings, make sure that the generosity comes from you first. Make sure to add a touch of surprise and amazement by giving New Year gifts that are special, personalized and worth remembering.

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Make your loved ones chuckle with a Fake Newspaper Prank that shows a shockingly funny news about a family member. From ideas such as "Granny getting married soon with 20-year old bf." or "60-year-old aunt expecting triplets", among others, you all will have a totally wacky time on New Year's Eve, setting a vibrant mood and a truly happy vibe.

Prank your friends with a silly surprise by having it printed on a real newsprint from FakeNewspapers.Com. Watch how they react, and capture their reactions! Worth revisiting in the years to come!

For non-prank ways, record the best events of 2017 on a Personalized Newspaper and let the whole family reflect on the beautiful things that are to be grateful for. What an inspiring way to begin your year!

FakeNewspapers.com creates personalized gift newspapers on real newsprint, using real ink and real newsprint paper. The only one in the world!

Happy New Year everyone, from FakeNewspapers.Com!