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Have an Impressive Vocabulary with a Fake Dictionary


Remember the time when you were looking for something funny, something engaging and something unique, yet despite spending tons of hours roaming around the nearby shop, exploring a mall or surfing the web, you're still unable to find what you're looking for? Something that's one-of-a-kind, fun yet your family and friends may have never heard or seen before. Well, if you're leaning towards 'something' that evokes all of the above, then be prepared to get delighted by the huge collection of the funniest and coolest items in the world by FakeNewspapers.Com!

FakeNewspapers.Com provides hundreds of fake newspapers options and plenty of Pre-Written Funny Fake Newspaper Article that are guaranteed to amuse and make your tummy painful from so much laughing! And aside from these fantastic, much-loved and timeless fake newspapers, we are proud to offer other exciting items such as the Fake Cans, Fake Books, Giant Checks, Fake Dictionaries, and so much more!

Need a fake dictionary? Our Personalized Fake Dictionaries are truly impressive, and will give you a truly wonderful experience. Use it to serve as a highlight for an upcoming prank, and you're bound to have the most unforgettable party or event ever! Prove to your family and party guests that "FHEKTUYEQ" is really a word! Always win the scrabble, word games, quizzes and boardgames by always referring to the dependable Fake Dictionaries from FakeNewspapers.Com!

Our Personalized Fake Dictionaries is a standard-sized paperback book that's professionally crafted with about 450 pages. Provide all the words, definitions and other personalization requests to get the best, the brightest and the funniest Fake Dictionary ever!

Click here to order your legendary fake dictionary. Have fun! 

The First Ever Committed Relationship Certificate!

Not yet ready to pop the question? Not yet ready to say 'Yes!' to that big question? Or just not yet ready to take things to the next level? Regardless, the Personalized Committed Relationship Certificates and fake certificates from FakeNewspapers.Com will make things easier for you and your partner!Thankfully, arrangements and relationships are somewhat more 'flexible' these days. We do not [...]

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Starting It Off With a Bang

Start your year 2018 with a bang, with a shocking Fake Newspaper Prank that will traumatize your prank victims. Treat your family and friends with a dreadful announcement that will leave them speechless and dumbfounded; something that will bother them even in the years to come.What would you do if you've read the news about someone you know, stripping [...]

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Fake Newspaper Prank for the New Year

Be happy this coming New Year and stay happy throughout the year 2018 by starting it right. How? By making sure that you feel utmost delight when the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve and by preparing thoughtful surprises for the people close to your heart!We all know that there is joy in receiving presents. But the [...]

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Christmas Fun for Everyone

The yuletide season gives us so much fun and so much joy! The Christmassy vibe and wondrous cheer are now felt, and the lovely preparations are now in action as there are only a few days left before Christmas!To make your Christmas celebration this year even more exciting and engaging, the wonderful collection of personalized items and totally amusing [...]

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Happy Prank with a Fake Newspaper Prank

Choose to be happy... so better choose a happy prank, like a Fake Newspaper Prank!That's right! You can make a statement by carrying out a prank that's genius, hilarious and totally effective. And you can make this possible by using a splendid prank item, like a fake newspaper for your astounding Fake Newspaper Prank. Your accomplices and even your [...]

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The 'Just Got Married' Prank

The 'Just Got Married' prank is a definite must-try because it's so convincing and so real, which promises fun and cherish-worthy knee-slapping memories for the whole fam!We've all seen those wedding, engagement and all bridal-related pranks. They're indeed funny and effective, but if you do not want to carry out difficult pranking setups, don't want to humiliate someone and if [...]

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How to Be Voted as the Best Gift-Giver?

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, it's about time to organize your gifting plans and make sure that you clothe your wonderful presents with love, making it even more heartfelt with the use of the stylish Personalized Gift Wraps from!When the yuletide season is just around the corner, people are getting all pumped-up and excited for all those [...]

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Fun Thanksgiving Day Activities

Thinking of ways on how to spice up your upcoming Thanksgiving Day celebration? Wanna level up and make the occasion a little edgier, funnier and more unforgettable? Well, FakeNewspapers.Com can certainly help you attain a superior and definitely more tremendous Thanksgiving Day experience with our vast array of funny novelty items and gag toys, meant to strengthen and inspire your [...]

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Are You a Knight Wannabe?

Are you a knight wannabe? Then FakeNewspapers.Com is glad to help you achieve that lifelong dream of yours! If you, your significant other, a family member, a friend or a colleague imagine themselves of becoming a knight or is vocal about their childhood aspirations to become one, fulfilling their dream in a close-to-genuine way is surely [...]

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