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Biggest and Largest Whut?!


You're not gonna get enough of the mesmerizing, mind-boggling and sometimes haunting Pre-Written Articles from FakeNewspapers.Com!

That's right! You will either fall in love, laugh out loud, become speechless, or perhaps get some sleepless nights with the variety of odd and shocking news that cannot be found anywhere else. These Pre-Written Articles from FakeNewspapers will impress you so much that you won't even think that they are pre-written and personalized. They are printed on a real newspaper. They are written in a professional manner with a journalistic tone. They have the wording and image arrangement that resemble the real publications. But of course, they are way more entertaining, educational, informational and way more exciting than the real ones!

Need to have a custom story on a custom newspaper? FakeNewspapers.Com got you covered! With an extensive array of fake newspaper news and fake newspaper styles, size and types, you will have plenty of options and you'll be able to maximize your creativity as you plan for that perfect personalized news and customized newspapers.

If you are planning to flabbergast your family, prank your friends or simply want to get a good laugh, the Pre-Written Article 'MAN SUES OVER WORLD RECORD' will leave you dumbfounded. It is written in the most compelling and authentic way that you will be surprised yourself with how impressive and remarkable this article is written. Top it off with the fact that it is being printed on a real newspaper — which can be customized to a real newspaper name according to your liking — then you will get to obtain the viral news item and the personalized newspaper of your dreams!

See how funny and outrageous this Pre-Written Funny News Article!          

Get Nostalgic!

In this day and age, a plethora of hi-tech devices and innovative gadgets may overwhelm you, but if you are leaning towards something refreshing and enlivening, or an item that will give you a feeling of comfort and nostalgia, then browse through the charming items from FakeNewspapers so you'll soon discover what we are talking about!Check out these old school items [...]

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Say Eww! With a Laugh

If you are thrilled to try a funny Food Prank that is bound to be delectable, disgusting, and shocking all at the same time then you've definitely come to the right place!FakeNewspapers.Com is the best source for the most sickening and stomach-churning food prank items. Our 'Fake Cans' are guaranteed to bring out that disgusted and vomit-inducing reaction from [...]

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Solve Your Gift-Giving Problems!

If you suck at gift giving, specifically in gift wrapping, then now is the perfect time to change your reputation as a gift-giver!The days of wasting our precious time and money on tacky-looking gift wraps and predictable, boring gift tags are now over. FakeNewspapers.Com has come up with a solution to solve your common gift-giving issues. From now [...]

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Newspaper Pranks for All

Imagine your friends' horror and shock if they've read a horrific or scandalous news published on a newspaper, about a friend as the victim, suspect or the subject on a shocking news that's meant to be spread locally and may even be showcased around the world!Personalizing a news and customizing a newspaper is easy. Thanks to FakeNewspapers.Com, we can now [...]

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Make a Unique Marriage Proposal

Need to make a proposal for real? Need to pull off a fake proposal prank? Need to carry out a fake wedding joke? Need to shock your friends and relatives with a fake marriage certificate gag? Or do you simply want to make your grandma and grandpa totally ecstatic and happy with a gorgeous personalized marriage certificate that honors [...]

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Get Your Very Own Spoof Announcement

How do you get your very own spoof announcement? It's pretty easy. Allow FakeNewspapers.Com to provide you with a wonderful experience in obtaining a personalized spoof announcement. No matter if you plan to use a spoof announcement for a prank, film or theater needs, wedding or events, and any other uses, you are rest assured knowing that a high-quality custom [...]

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Top Memes and Posters Generator

In the age of massive profusion of amusing memes and engaging posters, you should not be left behind! Allow FakeNewspapers.Com to help you with your posters and meme generator needs!Sure you are constantly entertained by the hilarious memes and funny images that you see both online and offline. Looking at funny gag items at your nearby gag store also keeps [...]

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Fake Dictionary: This Stuff Really Exists!

Fake Dictionaries. Who would have thought that these stuff exist? Well, thanks to FakeNewspapers.Com, we are able to fancy and benefit from an item that maintains an old-school appeal, which can be customized in so many compelling ways!So what exactly is a fake dictionary? Some of you might think that a fake dictionary contains words that are not accurate. [...]

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Non-Stop Laughter with our Fake Fishing News

Do you love fishing? Do you know someone who is a fishing enthusiast? Are you imaginative? Do you fancy writing an article or adding some exciting elements to an already existing write-up? Do you want to add some flavor to an upcoming event or party using a ingenious item? If you are, then here's the good news: you can [...]

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