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Naughty Prank for Your Buddy


Add some spark to your boring days and delight yourself and those people around you with a witty, fun and totally humiliating fake newspaper prank that is sure to make everyone awestruck and exhausted from too much laughing and giggling!

The recent times have changed. Gone are the days where we can smell the roses, stare at the sea, have plenty of time to appreciate the simple things in life and to savor the moment. With how busy, stressful and demanding our schedules and workloads are, not to mention our family life and relationships, we oftentimes forget the last time we had a genuine laugh that made us express all our woes in life, leaving us with a refreshing and reinvigorated feeling!

Laughing is very therapeutic. So, if you are leaning towards a joke that promises a wonderful moment filled with so much fun, laughter and harmless craziness, go ahead and execute a prank that is so artful, amusing and shocking — yet guarantees an extraordinary moment that's authentic and real!

Roast your prank victim with this newspaper article entitled, "Man Arrested Again for Indecent Exposure"

It’s one of FakeNewspapers.Com's most exciting (and definitely most controversial!) Personalized Pre-Written Newspaper Articles. It's the perfect news article for someone who you want to embarrass someone in a good and harmless way! You can shock and humiliate him temporarily and be all prepared to laugh afterwards! This is also a perfect prank for your friend who is an expert prankster, the life of the party or someone who's always 'game' for anything fun and crazy!

The image in the article features a man of average build. So just let us know if your subject or victim is a female, thinner or fatter and we will be happy to place the most suitable build from our selection of body types. We promise to make you happy in order to bring "happiness" to your prank victims and accomplices! 


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